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About Me

About Me


Welcome to Tofino! My name is Chelsea
True story alert:

You can take the girl out of the Westcoast but you can't take the Westcoast out of the girl. Born and raised in Vancouver, I left town and headed to Montreal when I was 20. I started a wedding photography company in 2007 and acquired some of the best photographers in the city to join me as a crew (Blushing Bride Studio). Our team has remained loyal and productive, have shot hundreds of weddings over the years, and we have traveled to amazing locations worldwide.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Montreal but after 14 years out East I wanted to find my way back to the ocean, in BC... It was calling me!

After a few visits to Vancouver, and adventurous trips to Tofino (Ocean Village!) with my boyfriend, next thing you know, we found ourselves traveling to Tofino every chance we could get for the past 3-4 years. On one of our last trips out to Tofino, my boyfriend burst into tears when we had to leave (it was kind of adorable!), so it was then and there that I chose to make Tofino our "forever home"...We packed up our kitties & furniture, and bought a place just up the road from Mackenzie Beach (and our beloved Ocean Village).  Every day that we get to spend walking the misty beaches & trails of Tofino feels like a dream for us.  Stuff that makes me excited: Ferry rides, Nordic spa baths, documentary films, driving as a passenger in taxis on busy streets around the world, photographing people anywhere and everywhere, and EVERYTHING on the menu at SOBO!

Some of my personal work/projects:

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puerto escondido
Euro Cup (Rome, Italy)
New Delhi
Agra, India
Golden Temple, Punjab
New York karate class